So much purple!

Hey girls! I was so busy last week due to a dear friend’s birthday hence my nail post was delayed! But don’t worry, I will definitely post the next review on time so that means this week is double the polish! ^^

Last Thursday, my mum spent some bonding time with my little sister and I. We went to this little nail parlour for classic manicure and pedicure! The staff were so friendly! They kept chatting with us, keeping us occupied as we sat throughout their service. Thumbs up for that!

The colour I chose for my hands was “A Grape Fit”. The manicurist used 2 coats for it and it looks perfect! Totally in love with it!


For my toes, I chose “Can You Dig It?” by OPI as well (:

The manicurist used 2 coats of that colour as well. It’s a colour that gives a slightly more matured look. Very elegant and I think it would look lovely on the hands as well.

I like to choose different colours for the hands and feet because I like the contrast feel from both colours. “A Grape Fit” gives a younger and fresher look due to the light shade and “Can You Dig Itv?” contrasts that. Really lovely mix (:

Though this polish was not painted by me, but I believe every girl deserves to be pampered once in awhile. So take a day off and head down to a nearby nail parlour and just let the professionals pamper your hands and feet. It’s totally therapeutical (:

So stay tune for my next post! It will be painted by myself this time hehe. Do leave your comments and feedback!

Lotsa love,
Carmen Sarah