Jindie Nails “Nude Beach”

Hey everybody, I’m here with my review of the week! I’m using Jindie Nails “Nude Beach” this week to match my friend’s 21st birthday party theme. It’s formal but because I did not want to go with the usual single colour polish, the nude crelly base makes the polish neutral so it actually matches.

Nude Beach is a nude crelly base filled with an abundance of colours! I see neon pink, neon orange, neon blue, neon purple, neon yellow and neon green hex of all sizes, white stars, metallic sand coloured sparkling hex and iridescent hex! I am soooo in love with it!

I used 3 thin layers for it to reach full opacity. Thin layers is good as it helps prevent the polish from blotching together especially since the glitter causes uneven surfaces. I use OPI base coat and Sally Hansen shiny top coat. The top coat helps to even out the surfaces, and also to keep the glitters intact. The glossy effect left by Sally Hansen is awesome! Love it to bits!


In the shade.


In the sunlight.

What makes me love the glitters more is that it glows in the dark! After the party, my friends and I headed over to Zouk and the lights totally did my nails justice. Didn’t take a picture because my camera cannot capture the way it glows in the dark. Pardon the bamboo poles behind the 2nd picture. I could only get the most sunlight at my kitchen window. 😛

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Thanks for reading and do stay tune for my next review!

Lotsa love,
Carmen Sarah.