Jindie Nails “Nude Beach”

Hey everybody, I’m here with my review of the week! I’m using Jindie Nails “Nude Beach” this week to match my friend’s 21st birthday party theme. It’s formal but because I did not want to go with the usual single colour polish, the nude crelly base makes the polish neutral so it actually matches.

Nude Beach is a nude crelly base filled with an abundance of colours! I see neon pink, neon orange, neon blue, neon purple, neon yellow and neon green hex of all sizes, white stars, metallic sand coloured sparkling hex and iridescent hex! I am soooo in love with it!

I used 3 thin layers for it to reach full opacity. Thin layers is good as it helps prevent the polish from blotching together especially since the glitter causes uneven surfaces. I use OPI base coat and Sally Hansen shiny top coat. The top coat helps to even out the surfaces, and also to keep the glitters intact. The glossy effect left by Sally Hansen is awesome! Love it to bits!


In the shade.


In the sunlight.

What makes me love the glitters more is that it glows in the dark! After the party, my friends and I headed over to Zouk and the lights totally did my nails justice. Didn’t take a picture because my camera cannot capture the way it glows in the dark. Pardon the bamboo poles behind the 2nd picture. I could only get the most sunlight at my kitchen window. 😛

Also, with the new video feature in instagram, it’s really fun to do my swatch in video form! Follow me on instagram and twitter to be up-to-date with my reviews (: do leave your comments and feedbacks, good and bad to help me improve my reviews!

Thanks for reading and do stay tune for my next review!

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Carmen Sarah.


Grandma had Fun Intended! :D

Hey girls! I am so sorry for the lack of post because I have been really busy that I am dead tired when I reach back home so it’s just shower and sleep immediately! Tonight’s post will be about last Thursday when I spent a day of Fun Intended with my maternal grandma. Nothing much. Just spent the entire day doing a little manicure for her. (:

I had brought along 3 different nail polishes for her to choose from. One bright pink, one purple and Jindie Nails Fun Intended. My grandma is coming 87 years old, and she chose “Fun Intended”. I guess when dementia hit her, she started behaving like a young girl again, choosing loud colours. Well, being a sensible granddaughter, Fun Intended was indeed too loud for an old lady, but that does not mean she can’t have it on her nails. Hence, I used OPI’s Planks alot as the main colour. It’s a light pastel purple which looks pretty decent on an old lady’s hand (: Added some snowflakes to brighten her nails up too. Then, I used “Fun Intended” as a contrast colour on the 4th finger for an accent nail (: And the results:


Fun Intended on the 4th finger

Tada! Pretty sweet right? Fun Intended is a really funky polish to play around with. A bright pastel neon pink crelly filled with a mix of neon orange, neon pink, metallic magenta, metallic orange, metallic pink, metallic silver and tiny white hex, short bars, dots and stars! Not forgetting my favourite, neon pink butterflies!! I used a total of 3 coats on my own hands and my grandma’s 4th finger for it to reach full opacity. The 3 layers I used a rather thin because due to my lack of practice, thin layers can actually help prevent the final touch to look blotchy, especially when there is so much glitter goodness in the bottle.


Best shot of Fun Intended

My final results was a little blotchy because while trying to fish out for the butterflies and star, I ended up having too much polish on the brush and hence I had a thick layer on 1 or 2 of my fingers. So thin layers are important. You can also use a toothpick to stir the bottle first to fish for the bigger glitters (: I used Sally Hansen’s Top coat and it did help to smooth out the surface.


Showing the butterflies glitter on my thumb.

Really a bottle of goodness! It was such a nice polish to use for bonding session with my grandma. Yupp with had the Fun Intended (if you get what I mean hehe!) Do comment on the post, good or bad, because either way I can learn and improve. Also, do follow me on twitter and instagram, I will post updates on when a post is live! Follow my blog as well if you wish to stay in tune with my reviews. Lots of love to those who follow me! Thank you for your support ❤


Lotsa love,
Carmen Sarah aka partycar

Jindie Nail’s Princess Consuela Bananahammock

Hello! So this is my swatch of Jindie Nail’s Princess Consuela Bananahammock! I took the pictures in white light of my bedroom.

Princess Consuela Bananahammock is from the series ‘Friends’ when Phobe changed her name to this hilarious name! It is a bright yellow crelly (me likey!) with a whole lot of small matte satin red, neon pink, orange hex glitter, medium neon orange and neon dark orange hex glitter and matte red tiny star glitters. I used 3 coats for this polish before it was fully opaque.

The hex glitters, both small and medium, weren’t that difficult for me to fish them out. To prevent my nails from looking too bulky with overload of glitters, I tried to make the first 2 layers as clear of huge glitters as I could. For the 3rd layer, I made the bottle do headstands so that I can fish out the bigger glitters and hence the results. Hexes aren’t difficult to fish, it is the stars that are difficult. I only managed to get one on my left thumb. LOL!

Princess Consuela Bananahammock

Princess Consuela Bananahammock

View of the thumb

View of the thumb


Huge thanks to Jindie Nails for hosting the giveaway of which I won the Spring Chic Collection which this polish is included in! Do check out her website (click!) but she doesn’t do international shipping anymore. For international shipping, you can get the links to the other websites like Llarowe and Meimei Signatures from her website itself.

I hope you like my 2nd swatch and do stay tuned for more polishes to come! I change my nail once-twice a week so do keep a look out! And remember to grab a bottle of Jindie Nails today!

Lotsa love,
Carmen Sarah