Nail art for Aileen’s 21st!

Hey guys! Last Saturday I went to my dear friend, Aileen’s 21st birthday party. The theme of her party is “Gathering Blue”. So it inspired my little mix of colours on my nails. I mixed 4 different polish: pastel white from Etude House, Grescian Sea from Cuccio, Pastel blue from Eleanor, and Polar Ice from China Glaze.

Left to right(Top): Etude House's white, Cuccio's Grescian Sea, Eleanor's pastel blue, China Glaze's Polar Ice.

Left to right(Top):                                                        Etude House’s white, Cuccio’s Grescian Sea,
Eleanor’s pastel blue, China Glaze’s Polar Ice.

The patterns are extremely inconsistent hence the fun! I did 5 different designs. I did something like racing stripes using the white polish, with Grescian Sea as stripes on my left thumb, and Eleanor’s Blue on my right little finger. On my index fingers on both hand, I did the design that MissJenFabulous taught on her “Nail Art for Beginner” video. I will link that at the end of my post. I did a french-like manicure on my left middle and right ring finger, alternating the blue and white. My left ring finger and right thumb has Grescian Sea base with a stroke of white across the entire nail. Last but not least, my right middle and left little fingers are painted with Grescian Sea and Eleanor’s Blue respectively, both with a layer of Polar Ice over it.

Taken on the bus to Legoland hehe!

Taken on the bus to Legoland hehe!

Although there is no picture painted on any of the nails, the colours mix together gives me a sense that I am at the beach with a clear sky. White would represent the clouds, Eleanor’s Pastel Blue would be the clear sky, and Grescian Sea, well, the sea! HAHA! Very simple and completely up to your imagination. Swipe one stroke there, one stroke there. You don’t need to be an expert in nail painting to create fantastic art. (:

I don’t really have time to try out alot of MissJenFabulous’s nail art designs, but do check out her videos at She has amazing nail art tutorials whether you’re good at nail art or you’re just starting! Look out for her “Nail Art for Beginners” series. It’s really helpful! Here’s the link to the design I did on my index fingers:

Hopefully I will be able to do more polish reviews, probably on Thursdays because right now I am having a netball competition so by Tuesday, my nail polishes will be off as my games are on Wednesdays! So do stay tune! Follow me on twitter and instagram to be up-to-date with my posts! The links are on the right —> Also, feel free to ask me any questions on You can ask by filling up the form on the right as well –>

I recently got 3 pretty colours from my friend Sherilyn (! Can’t wait to review them! (: I will see you guys soon! ❤

Lotsa love,
Carmen Sarah




Cuccio’s Grescian Sea

Hello everybody! This is my first ever swatch because I am getting hooked onto nail polish thanks to my lovely friend Sherilyn. Do check out her nail blog and follow her on instagram @sherilynnnnnn

So I painted my nails this beautiful sea-green/teal colour a few days ago but I was too busy to swatch it due to mother’s day and lotsa birthday events. I bought this brand, Cuccio, at a cart shop at park mall. It was their last day there so thank goodness I had facial and managed to chance upon such a lovely brand!


Cuccio’s Grescian Sea

I had China glaze’s Polar Ice over it because I love glitters hehe. Cuccio has awesome formula. The polish is thick but smooth so I only needed one coat. It simply just smoothens out on it’s own, no bubbles, nothing! It is amazing! Cuccio has other amazing colours and even though the shop is not at park mall anymore, they have it online! They provide delivery to the doorstep and you can make payment on delivery! I honestly believe bulk orders are the best so after my exams I will start a spree for Cuccio nails! More updates next time!

I know this isn’t much of a swatch but I tried to paint my nails with Jindie nails Spring Chic collection and I have trouble getting use to the large glitters! Hahaha! But don’t fret! Once I’ve gotten used to it, I will do more swatches on indie nail polish!

Till next time!

Lotsa love,
Carmen Sarah!