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Hey everybody, sorry for leaving this blog to rot. I have been busy settling personal issues. Well, now I am back! What better way to announce a comeback but with awesome offers!

As Chinese New Year is about a month away, everybody is trying to find time to do their hair so that it will grow the acceptable length by the time the festive season arrives. Ladies, you would be looking for a good wax session, pretty manicure and pedicure, probably get a facial done as well. Then we have a problem: Festive Season Price Hike. You can’t do your nails before the price hike because it will be too early and the polish would come off. You can’t have a wax session before the price hike because everything will start growing by CNY. So as a typical Singaporean, you will start searching for vouchers/coupons on Groupon, hoping to find the best deals

Well, look no further! Beauty Heritage at Sunset Way have the best offers for you!

Manicure lovers, specially for you, there is a 50% off ALL gelish nails, i repeat, ALL, until the end of January. Gelish is the perfect solution to all our lady nail problems. It dries instantly, last long, doesn’t chip off with your day-to-day work. Head down in the last week of January, your nails would probably last all the way until CNY! Here are some pretty pictures of their gelish manicure.

Christmas Design


Mermaid Nails

They are simply gorgeous aren’t they? And they are so long lasting! Now, January is usually a busy period since it is the start of the school term, everybody just got back to work. So you are wondering, “huh.. I don’t have the time to go down for the gelish offer leh.. Sure miss it.” DON’T WORRY!



That’s right! Beauty Heritage is offering $50 off any beauty services with minimum spending of $120 from now until the end of February! I am getting excited while writing this post! Yea the poster left out the detail of the minimum spending so do take note of that. It is also only applicable to 1st time customers only. Take a day off, do a facial, together with manicure and pedicure! Pamper yourself for a day!

Just when you thought all the offers are over….. Starbucks is not the only company encouraging you to treat a friend who has always been there for you. Bring a friend down to Beauty Heritage, choose any treatment for yourself (at nett price) and your friend gets a session COMPLETELY FREE! You heard me right! If you both choose the same treatment, that is as good as 50% discount! *starry-eyed right now* Do take note that the 1-for-1 is only applicable one time.

Beauty Heritage such a wide range of beauty services, I really cannot contain my excitement much longer. Try out their Indiba Deep Body Beauty Treatment.

What is Indiba Deep Beauty?

Indiba is a new technology that works from within your own body. It is aimed to help:
– Face wrinkles and expression lines
– Bags under the eyes
– Skin Rejuvenation
– Skin Tightening
– Cellulite
– Localised Fat
– Out of Shape Hips
– Post Partum
– Saggy Arms

The Indiba Deep Beauty method stimulates the tissue with a triple action:

1. Proionic Action: The ions, micro particles that have vital functions in the metabolism of cells, are mobilized and rebalanced.

2. Microcirculation: The thermal action increases capillary circulation and oxygenates the tissues, draining and eliminating impurities.

3. Hyperthermia: Increases the elasticity, reduces fibrosis and improves cell metabolism.

If you are having trouble understanding, do not hesitate to contact the salon. Beauty Heritage is offering 50% off their Indiba Body Treatment on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Only for the body, not the face. Terms and condition apply.

All services are by appointment only. If you have any enquiries about the treatment, do feel free to call the salon at 64631741 or drop an email. (Point of Contact: Grace,

The address is : 41 Sunset Way #01-05 Clementi Arcade S(597071)

One last offer: Like their facebook page, get a free wax session. Don’t go crazy. 😀

Here’s the link: Beauty Heritage Facebook Page

*Read the fine print carefully (:


Enjoy your pamper session with Beauty Heritage!

Signing off,
Carmen Sarah ❤